Deals Gap

Tail of The Dragon






Poster Map of Tail of the DragonCrossing Deals Gap at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line is the Tail of the Dragon. It is considered by many as one of the world's foremost motorcycling and sports car roads. Anyone looking for an exciting highway will enjoy this 11-mile stretch of US129.


The Dragon is another place we ride often. The Dragon is on the way back from Maryville, TN home of Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson dealership and is close to the Cherohala Skyway.


This is a very special and unique highway. There are no intersecting roads, no houses with driveways and no businesses. Each and every curve is different. There is very little elevation change. And many of the curves are banked like a race track. Beware .... it is not a road to sightsee on. The attraction is the road itself, not the scenery. No need to look at the wooded roadside when the curves are coming at rapid fire. And that is what you should be concerned with.


Riding The Dragon at Deals Gap

Deals Gap Tennessee

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