Grandfather Mountain, NC

September 2012

Lesson Learned


View of Gandfather Mountain swing bridge.We took this ride over Labor Day weekend 2012. I was looking for a neat ride and saw the info about Grandfather Mountain in a Blue Ride Parkway article. So we headed out early Saturday morning for a one day ride up and back (no motel reservations). After we got up to Chimney Rock State Park and did all we could do there we decided to stay overnight and do Grandfather Mountain Sunday. Well we headed toward Grandfather Mountain which is about 80 miles north looking for a motel. Everything was full, (no room at the Inn). Just as I was about to give up and head back to Norcross, I saw a bunch of bikers out in front of a Day's Inn and pulled in to ask the if they knew of a place to get a room. Nice folks and as luck would have it they had been searching for a couple of hours on-line looking for a room after being turned away at that Day's Inn. They called the place they were headed to and got us a room. The motel was way out of the way but a lot closer than home so we tagged a long to the last minute motel. I almost dropped my teeth when I shelled out the $150.00 for the one night. (lesson learned, NEVER GO ON OVERNIGHT RIDE WITH OUT BOOKING A MOTEL).




Town of Blowing Rock,NCAfter a $150.00 nap (no I'm still not over it) we get up early and head to Grandfather Mountain. On the way the rain clouds set in and we get the rain gear on but it doesn't start raining until we get to the entrance to Grandfather Mountain. There is a long line of cars to get in and knowing if we stop now and sit in line with a pouring rain we are going to get soaked rain gear or not. So I get the bright idea to pass up the entrance and head for some place to eat and wait out the rain. Well the first place to eat was 30 miles through tight steep mountain road and the rain did not let up. Thats how we found Blowing Rock, NC a neat little mountain town. By the time we pull in a eating joint the rain stops. Nice ride rain and all. I think we will get back to Blowing Rock on a dry day sometime as it looked like a lot of things to see there. There is a blowing rock there they say. After eating we made our way back to Grandfather Mountain to see the sights. Real neat place and I 'm glad we got to see it, but it is not one of those places that we will do over and over again.

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