My 1976 Chopper

This is a 1976 Harley Chopper that was built in North Platte, NE  over the sumer of 1977. The bike was built from parts off a  new 1976 Harley Liberty Edition Electra Glide.






















The story goes that the bike was bought by a local that decided he could not pay for it, so it was stripped of its special Liberty Edition parts that were sold and the rest thrown in a canal. I bought the frame, motor and transmission for $100.00 each. With the help of a well known custom bike builder  Dennis English we built the chopper. Dennis did all the design and assembly  while I did the paint work. The bike has a Gary Little John 10 sided gas tank and Sugar Bear front end with 26" stretch. Dennis re-built the motor with high lift cams and bored out to make it a 80". With straight pipes you could hear it for a mile. This is not a classic hard tail chop. Dennis laied the big chrome rear shocks back at a angle to give it that hard tail look but keeping some ride comfort. All said and done, the bike cost around $3,000.00,  which was a lot of money in 1977.


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